Fire Damage

As a public adjuster with extensive experience in South Florida, we have observed the devastating effects of fire damage on properties. Whether it is a minor fire in the kitchen or a massive inferno engulfing the entire structure, the aftermath can be quite overwhelming. Alongside visible destruction of property, fire damage presents serious risks to safety & health, making the situation even more complex. Often, damage can be hidden from view, including structural deterioration, water damage, & mold growth caused by fire, heat, & smoke.

If you do experience a fire on your property, call the fire department immediately & then Florida Claims Resources for a no-cost inspection of the damages on the same day. We understand the complex nature of fire damage claims, which is why we will handle the tedious and time-consuming process for you. Our team of professionals will document & photograph all damaged items. We will work tirelessly to ensure you receive a fair settlement that covers all damages. We aim to be your advocate in every step of the claims process, offering our time, dedication, & expertise to support you in this difficult time.


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